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Searchlight Scotland Logo and Web Design

Nov 30, 2020

The charity Searchlight Scotland was founded in 2018 with a drive and hope to see societies most vulnerable receive trauma informed care and support in order for them to live the life that they deserve.  

They serve to help people start a journey to freedom from addiction, abuse, exploitation and many other life controlling issues.  They are passionate about providing specialised care to those who have suffered trauma in their lives.    

They asked us to create a logo with a mark that could be used on its own as well as with the word Searchlight. They  needed a bright and modern website that helped convey their message to potential service users and to those who would like to partner and help with Searchlight Scotland.

They logo mark has an 'S' for Searchlight in a spotlight beam to signify that those who are lost can be found.

They provided  images for the website but asked that they be displayed with vibrant colours to bring some hope to what can be a dark and difficult subject matter.

Subtle animation was used to make the site come to life and have a sense of flow and movement. They required access to a 'news' page where their team can upload the charities latest news.

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